by Gene Waddell

Southern Studies Program, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S. C. 1980.

Front matter: map, acknowledgements, contents, preface, abbreviations (13 pp.)


Tribes and locations, population, intertribal relationships--pages 4-19

Intertribal relationships (cont.), language, resources and utilization--pages 20-39

Resources and utilization (cont.), organization--pages 40-59

Organization (cont.), conclusions--pages 60-77

Annotated sources

Abbapoola, Accabee, Adthan, Ahagan, Ahoyabe, Appeboe, Ashepoo, Awendaw, Betaw, Bohicket, Boochawy,
Booshoo--pages 79-99

Booshoo (cont.), Bou, Bowat, Cainhoy, Cawcaw, Chatuache, Combahee, Conca,Copahee, Correboo, Cotebas,
Cusabo--pages 100-119

Dataw, Datha, Dawho, Dockon, Echaw, Edisto--pages 120-139

Edisto (cont.)--pages 140-159

Edisto (cont.), Escamacu--pages 160-179

Escamacu (cont.), Etiwan--pages 180-199

Etiwan (cont.), Gabbo, Hobcaw, Hoya, Ittchicaw, Jataa, Jehossee, Jeremy—pages 200-219

Jeremy (cont.), Kiawah--pages 220-239

Kiawah (cont.), Kussah, Kussoe--pages 240-259

Kussoe (cont.), Leadenwah, Mattassee, Mayon, Mepkin, Mepshew, Oala=Coll, Ocella, Onisecau, Oostack,
Panchehone--pages 260-279

Pockoy, Polawana, Pon Pon, Sampa, Sewanihehooe, Sewee, Shaway, Shem, Soboy, Spoons—pages 280-299

Spoons (cont.), Stalame, Stono, Tibwin, Timicau, Tippycutlaw, Tipseeboo, Toogoodoo, Touppa, Wacandaw, Wadboo,
Wadmacon, Wadmalaw—pages 300-319

Wadmalaw (cont.), Waheawah, Wambaw, Wampanchecoone, Wampee, Wando,Wantoot, Wapoo, Wappaoola, Wappetaw,
Wappoo, Washasha, Washo—pages 320-339

Washo (cont.), Washoe, Washua, Wassamassaw, Watcow, Wattesaw, Wedboo,Weehoy, Wespanee, Westo, Westockon,
Wimbee, Wina, Wisboo,Wiskinboo, Witcheaugh, Woosah, Wosams, Yadhaw, Yantee, Yawwhoyawran, Yeshoe--pages 340-358


Footnote numbers 1-260--pages 359-379

Footnote numbers 260 (cont.)-407--pages 380-396


A.-Fundaburk--pages 397-419

Gallardo-Moore--pages 420-439

Moore (cont.)—Zubillaga--pages 440-462

Selective index: pages 463-484